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Frawg Pound Studio is a home studio located in N Portland////// DIGITAL Equipment: PRO TOOLS LE 11///// UNIVERSAL AUDIO APOLLO 8////DIGIMAX D8//// ANALOG Equipment: AKAI MG1212 12 channel 1/2" tape machine (rates are lower for analog sessions)////UNIVERSAL AUDIO LA 610 MKii TUBE MIC PRE CHANNEL STRIP//// CHAMELEON LABS 7602 MIC PRES (2x) //// (original) ROLAND RE-201 SPACE ECHO//// FENDER DELUXE REVERB AMP//// SUNN CONCERT LEAD w/ 2X15 CABINET//// GRETSCH DRUMSET//// HAMMOND ORGAN + TONE CABINET//// MICS: EARTHWORKS TC 30 (2x)//// SENNHEISER 421 / 441 (2x)//// AKG 414//// AUDIX D6//// SENNHEISER e 604//// OKTAVA MK 012 (2x)//// SHURE SM 57 / 58 (many)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new news:

Currently mixing Psychic Feline + Hornet Leg. Both bands recorded for a 7" record to be released soon. Next week Nucular Aminals will be mixing 3 songs recorded from the Dub Narcotic Studio sessions for a release on IPU. Cat Fancy will be recording here soon + Karen is coming back also.
Jheremy + I are looking to get started on our video interview + 2 live song sessions in my attic + basement so if you are interested, let me know. We would like to have you in on Wednesdays. The idea would be to have you play a song, interview for 5 minutes + then you play 1 last song. Jheremy + i will be interviewing. I will be micing everything + mixing in pro tools + then Ralf will be editing the video. Email me at nucularaminals@yahoo.com if you want to be interviewed + perform here. Be back with more new news soon!

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