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Thursday, January 20, 2011

bad arse bands that i dig right now + forever (mostly current).....

i am listening to Western Hymn + that inspired me to write this, so of course i definitely recommend them.....also here is more......but this is not all, just what i am really feeling right now.....

The Whines
Psychic Feline
the new Magic Johnson 7" on M'lady is damn amazing!
New Bloods
Morgan + the Organ Donors
Shannon + the Clams
Ghost Mom
Blood Beach
Gun Outfit
Sad Horse
Wet Paint DMM
Stag Bitten
Finally Punk
Shannon + the Clams
Broken Water
White Fence
Modern Convenience
Spider + the Webs
Los Saicos
Cat Fancy
Grass Widow
Darker My Love
Joey Casio
Big Black Cloud
+ more that i failed to mention on this post.....to be continued

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